Backing up emuMMC via Hekate

If you wish to migrate an emuMMC from one card to a new one, use my other guide found in the misc section.

There's other ways I'm more a fan of for migrating emuMMC, I should have a guide about it on this site sometime later. Only leaving this up for those who wish to use Hekate to backup.


Having an emuMMC hidden . This will back up your emuMMC hidden partition NAND, it's what has your games installed on the emuMMC, save games, and switch firmware. Make sure partition already on your SD card.

Ideally, 32GB of free space to back up your emuMMC in one shot, if you have less than 32GB of free space you can refer to this page.

Backing up emuMMC with Hekate.

Step 1. Download the latest build of Hekate.

Step 2. Open and extract the bootloader folder to the root of your SD card (this is what we'll use to back up your NAND.)

Step 3. Boot your switch by injecting the hekate_X.X.X.bin payload to your switch.

Step 4. Tap on Tools.

Step 5. Tap on Backup eMMC. This is where you'll find different options for what you can back up.

Step 6. Tap on SD emuMMC Raw Partition, make sure it says ON. After tap on SD eMMC BOOT 0 & BOOT 1. These are always needed in conjunction with your emuMMC NAND backup.

Step 7. Tap on Close once the backup finishes. May take a minute or two. Close will be greyed out until the backup finishes.

Step 8. Tap on eMMC RAW GPPSD emuMMC Raw Partition is still set to ON.

Step 9. Tap on Close once the backup finishes. Note that this will take half an hour or so. Once it's done you can tap on Close in the top right. The option will be greyed out until it's done.

If you get a popup telling you Hekate will make a partial backup, use this part of the guide. Otherwise, continue the guide as normal.

Step 10. Power off your switch, plug the SD into your computer or however you do it.

Step 11. Copy the backup folder elsewhere on your computer. Delete it after from your SD card.

When you want to restore your emuMMC back to your emuMMC partition, you can use my NAND restore guide here for how. Just make sure you have SD Raw Partition set to ON.

If you formatted your card with the Windows SD card testing part of my guides, you'll need to re-create your hidden partition before restoring your emuMMC NAND backup, use this guide before proceeding to the NAND restore guide.