Blanking your serial number

If you have already ran incognito on your switch before, you don't need to do this page. You can check by looking in settings > system > serial information. It would either be XAW000000000, or missing. If not, use the below info to get Incognito set up.

Incognito_RCM is not longer needed for this, follow the below steps to blank your emuMMC or sysMMC serial number. You want to blank your serial number so your switch cannot use Nintendo's services mitigating the possibility of a ban. This is still useful even if your switch is banned so you don't accidentally update your firmware before CFW is updated to support it.

Step 1. Download exosphere.ini from here (if it opens as a page, right click the empty space, and save it to your desktop. Make sure the file ends with .ini) (this config file is what we'll use to blank your console serial number.)

Step 2. Right click exosphere.ini and open it in a text editor (NotePad++ is my personal choice on Windows.)

Step 3. Edit blank_prodinfo_emummc=0 to blank_prodinfo_emummc=1 (this will then make your serial blank when booted in emummc. You can do this to your sysmmc instead if you're running a sysCFW setup.)

Step 4. Save the file and place it on the root of your switch SD card (Atmosphere reads this config file from the root of your sd card.)

Step 5. Verify your serial number is blanked by opening Settings -> System -> Serial Information It should be XAW10000000000 or something similar with a bunch of zeros. If it is, then you did these steps right.