Atmosphere installation with sigpatches

If you were using NEUTOS, Kosmos, or any of Under's CFW packs before, or are coming from an old build of Atmosphere, I would strongly suggest starting fresh. Delete the atmosphere folder and sept folder from your SD card.

Step 1. Download the latest build of Atmosphere and fusee-primary.bin here.

Step 2. Download atmosphere sigpatches from here (these enable you to run game dumps, and use homebrew NSP applications like Tinfoil. If the links opens like a folder, click the download arrow near the top right.)

Step 3. Extract the contents of to the root of your SD card.

Step 4. Open the and extract the atmosphere folder in the archive to the root of your SD card (these are the patches that enable atmosphere to load game dumps and homebrew NSPs.)

Step 5. Put your SD card back in your Nintendo Switch.

Step 6. Inject fusee-primary.bin to boot your switch with a payload injector.

Verify you're running Atmosphere by looking in Settings -> System and you should see Current Version: X.X.X|AMS X.X.X|X if you see this, congratulations, you're running Atmosphere.

Continue to the next page of this guide, blanking your serial number. Note, if your serial already shows up as XAW000000000 in Settings -> System -> Serial Information, that means you've ran Incognito before and don't need to do this.

Note: If your games aren't launching, especially if you used a Mac to set stuff up. See this page to run the archive bit fix with Hekate. Applies to both emuMMC and sysMMC setups.