Partitioning your SD card

Q: What is emuMMC (also known as emuNAND.)

A: emuMMC stands for emulated MMC (or NAND), you can look at this as having a second operating system for your switch on your SD card. This is appealing because you can then do things deemed dirty on your emuMMC, such as using Tinfoil, installing games from shops, or cheating in games without dirtying your sysMMC. Then you can use your sysMMC for normal Nintendo Online stuff.

Step 1. Download the latest copy of Hekate here.

Step 2. Take the SD card out of your switch and plug it into your computer.

Step 3. Open, extract bootloader to your SD card, and hekate_ctcaer_X.X.X.bin to your desktop (Where X.X.X is the release version).

Step 4. Inject hekate_ctcaer_X.X.X as the payload to your switch (This will be used to partition your SD card).

Step 5. Select Tools by tapping on it.

Step 7. Select Archive bit * AutoRCM * Touch Tuning by tapping on it.

Step 8. SelectPartition SD Card by tapping on it.

If you did not get this popup and it looks similar to the below image saying Your SD Card files will be backed up automatically! Continue the guide as normal.

Step 9. Drag the slider for emuMMC (RAW) so it's 29GB, then tap on Next Step in the bottom right.

Step 10. Select Start by tapping on it.

Step 11. Once Hekate finishes partitioning your SD card, tap on OK in the prompt, followed by Close in the top right.

Continue over to Creating your emuMMC in Hekate from here.