"Your SD Card cannot be backed up!" Warning

If you received this popup, you have to back your SD card files up to your computer before partitioning with Hekate. If you did not recieve this popup, ignore this page of the guide.

Step 1. On the Hekate Partition Manager page, tap on SD UMS.

Step 2. Plug your switch into your computer.

Step 3. Copy the files from your switch to your computer.

Step 4. Eject your switch and tap Close in the USB Mass Storage window on your switch.

Step 5. Tap on Next Step.

Step 6. As you already have backed up the files on your SD card to your computer, you can hit Start. If you have not, go back to Step 2.

Step 7. Press the power button on your switch to continue. If you still haven't backed your files up, do it now, they will be gone if you haven't yet.

Step 8. Once finished, tap on OK.

Step 9. Plug your nintendo switch into your computer again and tap on SD UMS on the switch.

Step 10. Copy your backed up files back onto your switch, do not copy back the bootloader folder.

Step 11. Eject your switch from your computer, then tap Close on USB Mass Storage on your switch.

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