Updating firmware with ChoiDujourNX


Always make sure your CFW supports the firmware version you're trying to upgrade to. Check on the release page for Atmosphere, etc. (depending on what you use.)

I would also suggest backing up your game saves beforehand, in the event a firmware upgrade doesn't go as planned. See the page below for how.

Step 1. Download ChoiDujourNX here (this will be used on your switch to install the firmware.)

Step 2. Grab the firmware you want to upgrade/downgrade to here.

Step 3. Extract ChoiDujourNXv102.zip, copy the ChoiDujourNX.nro to the switch folder on your SD card.

Step 4. Extract your firmware download and put it in a folder on the switch. Name it FirmwareDump (this folder houses the firmware you just downloaded.)

Select everything in the firmware dump and extract it to the FirmwareDump folder

Step 5. Plug your SD card back into your switch and boot into CFW (custom firmware is needed to run ChoiDujourNX to update your switch, either on an emuCFW setup or sysCFW.)

Step 6. Open the Album to get into hbmenu.

Note: Do not launch the hbmenu through title override (holding R on a game to get into it) as ChoiDujorNX most likely will not work. You must use the Album to run the homebrew properly.

Highlighted Album

Step 7. Launch ChoiDujourNX.

Step 8. Open the FirmwareDump folder (this is where you put the firmware you downloaded earlier.)

Step 9. Select Choose (this makes ChoiDujourNX read the folder for your firmware.)

Step 10. Select X.X.X (exFAT) (even though you're most likely not using exFAT, selecting exFAT's option just adds the driver support to your switch firmware when doing the update. You select it to avoid possible update nags you'd get without it. Plus you have the compatability for exFAT if ever needed later.)

Step 11. Tap on Select firmware.

Step 12. Tap on Start installation (this will start the firmware update.)

Step 13. Once done, tap on Reboot.

14. Tap on Reboot now!.

Step 14.1 If your switch doesn't boot. Check for and DELETE 0100000000001000 and 0100000000000811 in \atmosphere\contents\ on your SD card (if neither of these exist then you most likely didn't install a custom theme with nxtheme's, or a custom font. If your switch isn't booting make sure you have the latest build of Atmosphere, SXOS, whatever custom firmware you are using.)

Step 15. Verify your firmware updated in Settings -> System.