Switching to FAT32 without losing data

FAT32 has a 4GB file size limit, if you have any files that are larger than 4GB on your SD card, copy them off first. You cannot put them on your SD card when you're using FAT32.

The Switch even with exFAT never writes any files larger than 4GB. There are no advantages to use exFAT. Games are auto split when installing in Tinfoil or other means to be less than 4GB per file.

Follow the below steps for how you can format your SD card to FAT32.

Step 1. Hook your switch SD up to your computer (Hekate's SD Tools UMS mounting, memloader with tegrarcmgui, or just plug your SD card into your computer all work.)

Step 2. Copy all the files from your SD card to your computer, place them in a folder for now. Somewhere you'll know they are, I'd put them on your desktop in a folder.

Step 3. Download guiformat and open it. Select your SD card with the drop down, leave allocation unit size as the default 32768, make sure under format options Quick Format is enabled (if it isn't, the format will take awhile.)

Step 4. Copy your files back to your SD card once the format is finished.

If unable to start the format due to an error, use the below steps to troubleshoot

Step 1. Right click your task bar, and select Task Manager.

Step 2. Click on More details > navigate to the Details tab.

Step 3. Find explorer.exe in the list, click on it, and then click on End task in the bottom right. Hit yes to the confirmation. Note, if you had ongoing copies or stuff using explorer, this will break them. Only do this if you don't have anything else going on.

Step 4. Attempt formatting your SD card again with guiformat (should have left this open.)

To launch explorer.exe again, in Task Manager click on File > Run new task and enter explorer.exe . Click OK.