Creating a NAND backup with Hekate

Q: What is a NAND backup?

A: A NAND backup consists of your BOOT0, BOOT1, and RAWNAND.BIN. These are linked to your switch and cannot be interchanged with other switches. A NAND backup allows you to restore your switch at a later date if you want to clean stuff up, or if you were to install something malicious that bricks your switch, you can restore your console with a known-good NAND backup.

Step 1. Download the latest build of Hekate.

Step 2. Open and extract the bootloader folder to the root of your SD card (this is what we'll use to back up your NAND.)

Step 3. Boot your switch by injecting the hekate_X.X.X.bin payload to your switch.

Step 4. Tap on Tools.

Step 5. Tap on Backup eMMC (this is where you'll find different options for what you can back up.)

Step 6. Tap on eMMC BOOT 0 & BOOT 1 (these are always needed in conjunction with your NAND backup. Always make sure you have them.)

Step 7. Tap on Close once the backup finishes (may take a minute or two. Close will be greyed out until the backup finishes.)

Step 8. Tap on eMMC RAW GPP (This will back up your NAND, it's what has your games installed on the switch, save games, and switch firmware.)

Step 9. Tap on Close once the backup finishes (will take half an hour or so. Once it's done you can tap on Close in the top right. The option will be greyed out until it's done.)

If you get a popup telling you Hekate will make a partial backup, use this part of the guide. Otherwise, continue the guide as normal.

Step 10. Power off your switch, plug the SD into your computer or however you do it.

Step 11. Copy the backup folder elsewhere on your computer. Delete it after from your SD card (you shouldn't store your backup on your SD card in case the card gets messed up, plus it takes up around 30GB of space which could be used for games instead.)