Atmosphere Incognito

If you do not have a NAND backup, do not attempt this. If you misplace your NAND backup, or your prodinfo.bin backup Tinfoil makes, and you ran this on your sysNAND. You've effectively banned your switch. Make a backup if you haven't already using this guide here.

Useful if you'd rather run Incognito through Tinfoil instead of relying on a file to blank your serial number on your switch. Given this is written to your NAND / emuNAND and can only be reversed if you restore your serial's backup, or by restoring it with a NAND backup.


Atmosphere already set up and installed. If not, use my guide here, skip the blanking your serial number page.

Tinfoil already set up and installed. If not, use my guide here.

A NAND backup created and stored somewhere safe not on your SD card. If not, use my guide here.

Running Incognito in Tinfoil.

Step 1. Download exosphere.ini from here, if it opens as a page, right click the empty space, and save it to your desktop. Make sure the file ends with .ini (this config file is what we'll use to allow cal0 writing to run Incognito in Tinfoil.)

Step 2. Right click exosphere.ini and open it in a text editor (NotePad++ is my personal choice on Windows.)

Step 3. Edit allow_writing_to_cal_sysmmc=0 to allow_writing_to_cal_sysmmc=1 (this option enables cal0 writing for Tinfoil's Incognito to work.)

Step 4. Save the file and place it on the root of your switch SD card (Atmosphere reads this config file from the root of your sd card.)

Step 5. Put your SD card back in your switch and boot it with fusee-primary.bin . Launch Tinfoil and navigate to the Incognito tab near the bottom. Highlight your serial number in the right space.

Step 6. Press Y on your controller. Tinfoil will warn you about if you forget your password, the backup isn't valid. Either set the password as nothing or something simple like 1. This is why also I strongly recommend to have a NAND backup, as you can pull your serial from there in case this happens too.

Step 7. If ran correctly, Tinfoil will tell you Cal0 writing worked. Restart your switch and verify this by going in Settings > System > Serial Information. Your serial number should look similar to the image below.

You may delete exosphere.ini from the root of your SD card if you wish now too. Incognito is permanent unless you restore your serial with Tinfoil or a backup.